Index July 2013

2013-07-01: To the streets, anyway;
2013-07-02: US-Taliban talks: a lesson for Kagame and Museveni;
2013-07-03: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out;
2013-07-04: The structural problem of misogyny;
2013-07-05: Egypt’s Revolution: Between The Streets And The Army;
2013-07-06: Embarrassing holes as US govt rests case against Bradley Manning;
2013-07-07: Made in Bangladesh: Greed, Globalization and the Dhaka Tragedy, Part 1;
2013-07-08: Everybody in Guantanamo has been tortured or abused, former detainee;
2013-07-09: Suppressed FREE Energy Device is Finally Exposed, After 100 Years!
2013-07-09: Animation de communautés de recherche philosophique CRP;
2013-07-10: Sense, sensibilities and spying;
2013-07-11: Report: Chavismo After Chávez, What Was Created? What Remains?
2013-07-12: Interview with Carol Strickman, from Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity;
2013-07-13: Learning the Right Lessons in Egypt;
2013-07-14: Malala Yousafzai’s diary inspires other Pashtun girls yearning for education;
2013-07-15: Tearing Down the Ivory Tower: a Defense of Vocational Education;
2013-07-16: The Silent Humanitarian Crises Beyond East Africa;
2013-07-17: Anti-Black racism and the expansion of sexual citizenship;
2013-07-18: Zimmerman’s Acquittal and the Call for a New Civil Rights Movement;
2013-07-19: The American Prospect: a Challenge to Teach for America’s Corporate Orientation;
2013-07-20: The Peak Prosperity Video Channel;
2013-07-21: Egypt’s inexorable revolution;
2013-07-22: US Courts Approve Indefinite Detention and Torture;
2013-07-23: People of colour like me have been painted out of working-class history;
2013-07-24: Increasing Attacks: Piracy Shifts Coasts in Africa;
2013-07-25: Immutable Egypt-Gaza bonds;
2013-07-26: Growing threat of radical rebels infiltrating ranks of Syrian rebels;
2013-07-27: Arab Peoples are heading toward Defeat, Decline, and even Suicide;
2013-07-28: Big Mama and the Massacre: ICC’s Reputation at Risk in Kenya;
2013-07-29: Lessons for Brazil from South Africa;
2013-07-30: Hunger in Africa: the Swazi Study;
2013-07-31: Hardwired Inequality in America.

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