Chris Hedges

… interviewed by Paul Jay, uploaded on YouTube by TRNN (and 2/7 by Sundrumify,), during July 2013:

More with Chris Hedges:

  • Why Is America in Decline? Chris Hedges on the U.S. Empire & Death of the Liberal Class (2012), 178.58 min, uploaded by The Film Archive, July 1, 2013: Death of the Liberal Class is a non-fiction book by American author and journalist Chris Hedges published in October 2010 by Nation Books. It falls into the literary genre of the jeremiad, which has a long tradition in the United States. According to Hedges, it is a book that chronicles the destruction of populist and radical movements within society, particularly in the United States.[1] Since these movements are the principal force by which democratic societies “open up”, Death of the Liberal Class argues that social movements, which provided “all the true correctives to American democracy”, have been undercut by corporate co-opting of the traditional liberal forces of the USA, notably the labor unions, press, churches, universities and the Democratic Party. The “liberal class” consists of the people who fill the ranks of these institutions, ie., journalists, clergy, teachers, and politicians …;
  • Chris Hedges on World People’s Blog;

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