Celtel Zambia And OneWorld Africa Equips Grassroot Women

… as Roan Youths Receive A Short In The Arm

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OneWorld Africa recently partnered with Celtel Zambia to equip Chongwe women with ICT tools.

OneWorld Africa recently partnered with Celtel Zambia to equip Chongwe women with ICT tools.  Those that witnessed the hand over ceremony include area Member of Parliament Sylvia T. Masebo, One World International Trustee, Margaret Machila, Celtel representative Bridget, Kambobe, Rushidull Alam, the UNDP representative and the Village Headman, Dr. Patrick Chikusu. 

Speaking at the hand over ceremony OneWorld Africa Executive Director Priscilla Jere said that information and communication technologies (ICTs) play an important role in reducing poverty, improving education and healthcare, enhancing political participation and empowerment, and promoting sustainable development. She said that the majority of the rural communities still live in poverty and remain untouched by the benefits of ICTs … //

… Roan Youths Receive A Short In The Arm:

The demise of the copper-mining giant Z.C.C.M. has had a marked impact in Luanshya. Economic development of any kind in this town depends upon the export potential of its mineral resource. Thus the privatization of the copper mining industry has entailed the loss of revenue to the people. This has been evidenced by  a startling decline in the commercial and industrial production.

The working class on the in this town have been subjected to untold misery. The public sector has shed its labour force while those who have remained in active employment  work under shoddy conditions. Privatisation of the public and commercial sector has led to widespread unemployment in Zambia at large.

The surrendering of city council housing units to people paying rent to themselves has deprived the city council of revenue and thus led to a decline in community welfare.The city townships have been turned in havens of social poverty. Because those who have purchased council houses cannot go back to rural areas when they retire makes the community to scramble for a few resources that exist . Most of the retrenched working class population remain restricted in the townships, where they engage in household commercial activities of one kind or another. The unpaved roads, unlit streets and unmaintained water and sewage systems means that life in Lunsahya remains hard and unbearable.

A local youth organisation called Roan Youth Organisation has partnered with OneWorld Africa to engage its people in coming up with advocacy programmes  that will faciliate development. The youth group recieved a Video Camera and 2 computers from OWA. The tools will enable them propagate their advocacy campaigns.

Director for Roan Youths Mulenga Chewe said the tools have led to the production of a local newsletter “Roan Development” He said the issues tackled by his groups include Entrepreneurship, Malaria, HIV-AIDS, Civic awareness and human rights.

“Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) are occupying the lives and outlook of the younger members of society but also the variety of cultures which are being woven around them in the making of contemporary youth identity. The global ICT revolution has been refracted into Luanshya in a variety of forms, including mobile telephony, Video, new digital technologies covering an ever-widening range of applications, computers and computer-based technologies, and internet services. We shall work hard to turn around the lives of people in our communities using these applications. We look forward to a better Luanshya”, Chewe said.  (full text).

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