Yousef Alhelou reporting from Gaza

Yousef Alhelou Reporting From Gaza, on RealNews Network:

  • Unrest In Egypt Squeezes Gaza:  7.26 min, Turmoil and unrest in Egypt harming Gazans who are relient on the Rafah crossing as the lone way to circumvent Israeli blockade, Sept 2, 2013;
  • Gazans Use Social Media to Break Media Silence: 12.19 min, Palestinian citizen journalists use social media to tell harsh realities of life under Israeli military occupation, July 31, 2013;
  • Palestinians in Gaza react to Morsi’s ouster, closure of Rafah crossing: 8.24 min, The Egyptian army’s decision to close the Rafah crossing, Gaza’s only terminal to the outside world, and the demolishing of the underground tunnels along the border added more hardships and suffering to Gazans, July 15, 2013;   
  • Palestinians Mark 65th Anniversary of Nakba (Catastrophe of 1948): 5.29 min, On Nakba day, Palestinians commemorate the annual anniversary by holding rallies asserting their right of return. 65 years have passed since historic Palestine was occupied in 1948, May 16, 2013;
  • … ff (more).


Secular political forces satisfied with Egypt’s constitution-amending committee, on ahram online, by Zeinab El-Guindy, Sep 2, 2013: Socialist Popular Alliance Party and Egyptian Social Democratic Party, among other political groups, say 50-member committee representative of Egyptian people; Salafist Nour Party critiques minimal Islamist representation;

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