Bold Swiss Ballot Plan Tries Economic Democracy

watch this video, 7.08 min, uploaded by afsupporter, Oct. 12, 2013:

  • ROUGEMONT, Canada—AMERICAN FREE PRESS roving editor Mark Anderson recently met with Swiss economist Francois de Siebenthal in Quebec during an annual “Economic Democracy” conference. Mr. de Siebenthal , whose work has aided economic recovery initiatives in The Philippines, among other places, explained the basics of a citizen movement in Switzerland to abolish traditional welfare in favor of a “dividend” system that would provide a basic income for all Swiss inhabitants.
  • The movement consists of a Swiss ballot initiative that needs at least 100,000 valid signatures by October 2013. If approved by the majority of the 26 Cantons and by overall popular vote, the federal level of the Swiss government would then review and process it. If all goes as planned, this unorthodox measure, in a world being swallowed up by debt and subjected to conventional economic models that never work well, could be enacted into law. If so, this model would be the first of its kind to be tried.

DEMOCRACY IN ACTION? 10 Weird Examples Of The Swiss Referendum System In Action, on Business Insider, by SANYA KHETANI, Feb 21, 2012.

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