Index September 2013

2013-09-01: Snowden leaks: NSA conducted 231 offensive cyber-ops in 2011, hailed as active defense;
2013-09-02: Syria: If Britain is unwilling to help the rebels, it should open its doors to Syrian refugees;
2013-09-03: Globe-trotting universities serve diplomacy and markets, not democracy;
2013-09-04: Yousef Alhelou reporting from Gaza;
2013-09-05: And Then There Was One;
2013-09-06: Humanitarian Links;
2013-09-07: This Bombardment of Syria Clichés Shows No Sign of Stopping;
2013-09-08: Welcome to Britain: Go Home or Face Arrest;
2013-09-09: with Noam Chomsky;
2013-09-10: Commentary: A future for the Brotherhood?
2013-09-11: Why Bernie Sanders Opposes U.S. Strike on Syria;
2013-09-12: 2 videos on civil disobedience;
2013-09-13: THE WORLD SET FREE;
2013-09-14: Can Africa tell its own stories?
2013-09-15: Teachers Striking Back in Chicago;
2013-09-15: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine;
2013-09-16: After Fukushima;
2013-09-17: Bold Swiss Ballot Plan Tries Economic Democracy;
2013-09-17: Shocking Confession;
2013-09-18: WHO (World Health Organization) refuses to publish report;
2013-09-18: Dirk Müller;
2013-09-19: Terence McKenna;
2013-09-20: Humanitarian Murder;
2013-09-21: They’re free, independent and ready to party in Chiapas;
2013-09-22: Beating Swords Into Solar Panels;
2013-09-23: Misconstruing a UN report;
2013-09-24: International Day of Peace;
2013-09-25: Mad, Mad, Mad World of At-Will Work;
2013-09-26: Patrick Bond on the Global Economy;
2013-09-27: UK: Buses may not be sexy, but they are a lifeline for our poorest citizens;
2013-09-28: Military Tatoos;
2013-09-28: EUPOLY;
2013-09-29: Egypt: The right gamble;
2013-09-30: The USA and Saudi Arabia: a monstrous relationship.

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