Premalatha’s story – plus HR courses

Published on Human Rights Eduction Association, November 2, 2012.

“I have been denied my rights. But these rights are my birthright,” says Premalatha, a school child in a village near Madurai in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India. She encounters caste and gender-based discrimination. When she fetches water from a well, she and children from other “lower caste” or “Dalit” families are supposed to wait behind children from the “upper caste”. In school, Dalits are sometimes not allowed to eat with other children. 

In teashops, they may be served tea in coconut shells, while members of the upper caste drink from steel cups. At home, Premalatha, not her brothers, is expected to do all the chores. Until the introduction of human rights education in her school, teachers sometimes hit students with sticks … //

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