Exploring Humanitarian Law Summer Institute

Washington DC, 2-5 August 2010 – Register Now. – Received by e-mail: From: Phebean Cole, Date: 14/05/2010.

Registration Now Open! The American Red Cross Exploring Humanitarian Law EHL Summer Institute for Educators will be held at the National Headquarters, Washington, DC, August 2-5. The cost to attend is $75.00 with participants responsible for their transportation, accommodations and some meals. A limited number of scholarships of up to $450 are available to help participants cover the cost of attending the EHL training. Continuing Education Units will also be offered to interested attendees.

To learn more, please visit the EHL website to see U.S. educators teaching EHL in the classroom. For additional information please e-mail or contact Phebean Cole, by phone at (202) 303-5224, or by e-mail.

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