Our Black World

Linked with Youth Action Net®. – Published on Youth Action Net’s Blog, by João Victor Pellegrini do Nascimento, June 07, 2010.

I can say that, in general, the Brazilian people strongly feel the influence of our African heritage, which has largely made us who we are and who we will be. Africa, long thought of as the cradle of humanity, has contributed significantly to the formation of Brazilian culture as evidenced through the various ethnic groups – the Bantus, Jêjes, Nagôs, Ketos, and others – who came here from the African continent.

Today, the convergence of many phenomena, including the return of the black Diaspora, a global reflection on the origins of our civilization, and the ongoing cultural feedback process between Brazil and Africa, have contributed to forming a bridge between our great cultures.  This organic and fluid feedback loop influences our perceptions, gestures, sounds, images, and feelings and is expressed as a living and dynamic Africa manifested within each one of us Brazilians. 

Brazil’s cultural vibrancy cannot be fully understood without considering its ties to black Africa. This legacy is present in all cultural constructions such as: music, cuisine, customs, religion, clothes, language and the history of this nation; as well as in the striking presence of indigenous peoples and others … //

… Long live diversity! (full text).

(João Victor Pellegrini do Nascimento is founder of Treme Terra in Brazil and was honored as a 2008 Fellow of the Anhembi Morumbi Youth Initiative).

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