Nutrition Investment Will Save and Improve Lives

Micronutrient Initiative welcomes Canada’s G8 announcement on increased funding for nutrition and micronutrients

Linked with Micronutrient Initiative MI. – Published on Micronutrient Initiqtive MI, by  Evelyne Guindon and Karen Snider, June 25, 2010.

Toronto … The Micronutrient Initiative welcomed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement that the Government of Canada will increase investments for a maternal and child health strategy and place “a particular emphasis on meeting the nutritional needs of pregnant women, mothers, newborns and young children.” 

“With this announcement for nutrition funding for maternal and child health, Canada is making an important investment in development programs that work,” said Venkatesh Mannar, President of the Micronutrient Initiative, a Canadian-based non-profit organization working to improve global nutrition through vitamins and minerals.

Micronutrients are low-cost interventions that have a significant impact on a child, a family, a community and a country’s future. Micronutrients can act as a catalyst to strengthen national health systems and deliver a number of programs to a family during a health centre visit,” he said.

, including micronutrient deficiencies, accounts for up to 3.5 million maternal and child deaths annually and has life-long consequences on health, productivity and economic growth. Without a concentrated effort to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable have access to nutritious food and to the vitamins and minerals they need to survive, whether through supplementation or through diet, several of the Millennium Development Goals will not be reached by 2015.

Among the most severe consequences of micronutrient deficiencies are: … (full text).

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