Malaria in Africa

Published on African Politics Portal, by Codrin Arsene, 07 May 2010.

This is the wiki note of the day on malaria. The following five African countries register the highest number of cases of malaria every year and together they make for more than half of malaria deaths in the world: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Nigeria. In the last decade, the following eight African countries halved malaria infection rates: Eritrea, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Cape Verde and Sao Tome. This year, Zambia also joined the lucky club of eight countries that have successfully managed their malaria problem.  The nine countries have registered this astounding success by combining the following three methods:

  • 1. widespread distribution of malaria nets and awareness campaigns on the benefits of using these nets.
  • 2. constant spraying of incecticides, primarily the use of DDT.
  • 3. cheaper, faster and more effective diagnosis and treatment.

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Link: British International Travellers are warned to safeguard against life threatening diseases (Meningitis, Malaria, Hepatitis and Typhoid).

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