On the necessity of a land tax

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Constantin Gurdgiev gave a good overview of why a land tax is essential if Ireland is to build a smart / knowledge economy a few months back on the Renegade Economist. It’s probably worth reviewing his arguments today, the day Fianna Fail ruled out a (admittedly unfair) flat rate property tax. Gurdgiev blames the disparity in taxation between investments in human capital (e.g. increased education) – typically each additional Euro earned is taxed at 53% – and investments in land, where the return on investment is taxed at a much lower 26% or so (sometimes even 0% because of various tax breaks). 

Meanwhile in the Financial Times, American progressive left economist Michael Hudson argues that there is an alternative to austerity – the burden of taxation should be moved from labour to resources such as land:  … (full text).

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