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Surveying Europes Production and Procurement: The Cases of Italy, France and the Russian Federation

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A NEW Publication: Surveying Europe’s Production and Procurement of Small Arms and Light Weapons Ammunition: The Cases of Italy, France and the Russian Federation, edited by Benjamin King.

To access this publication online, please go to: this PDF file of 62 pages.  

Enumerating a state’s demand and supply chains for small arms and light weapons ammunition remains a difficult undertaking. This is largely an outcome of many nations’ reluctance to fully disclose information, together with poor accounting practices that hide the value of the data in aggregate totals.

Through case studies of three states—Italy, France, and the Russian Federation—the working paper illustrates these challenges by detailing the most comprehensive picture possible of those countries’ production, procurement, export, and, when possible, consumption of ammunition for small arms and light weapons. The resulting data not only provides a scale for the industry as a whole, but also reveals the realities of transparency and opaqueness in the ammunition market.

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