Laureates 2010 – WWSF Prize for rural women

PRESS RELEASE – Received by e-mail, From: WWFS, Date: 11/09/2010

1): WWSF takes great pleasure in announcing to the media and to the international community the 11 winners of its annual Prize for women’s creativity in rural life 2010. The award ($ 1000 per laureate) honors creative and courageous women and women’s groups around the world for their contribution in improving the quality of life in rural communities, for protecting the environment, transmitting knowledge and standing up for human rights, development and peace. Established in 1994, WWSF awarded to-date 365 prizes in more than 100 countries. The work of the 11 Laureates 2010 is published on Internet and in our Global Newsletter Women – Edition 18A-2010:

We hope that their stories inspire you and encourage others to make their mark in promoting the human rights of women, ending poverty and marginalization, preserving the planet, and achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

An exhibition profiling the laureates is presented at various conferences and gatherings with a permanent exhibition open to the public at WWSF, 11 av. de la Paix, 1202 Geneva.

2): To celebrate the International Day of Rural Women – 15 October 2010 (an annual WWSF global awareness campaign initiated in 1996 to increase knowledge and empowerment and declared a UN Resolution Day in 2007) WWSF publishes its annual Open Letter to rural women of the world, theme: “Claim your Right and that of your daughthers to Education!” available on Internet:

3): How to nominate candidates for 2011:

WWSF expresses gratitude to its sponsors who make the Prize program and theInternational Day of Rural Women campaign possible.

The empowerment and support of rural women is an absolutely indispensable step in view of reaching household food security and the UN Millennium Development Goals.

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