Pambazuka News 500th issue and 10th anniversary approaching

Help us to celebrate - Published on Pambazuka, Sept. 21, 2010.

In October 2010 we will publish the 500th issue of Pambazuka News as we reach our 10th birthday. Over that time, we have built up a database of some 60,000 articles and news items on the website – all available for free. Some 2,500 authors have contributed articles, poems, audiovisual materials and commentary. Pambazuka News has become the oldest and largest (and of course most dynamic) citizen journalism site for social justice in Africa … //

… We’d also like you to join us by helping us to reach the 1,000th issue of Pambazuka News – forward to the next 500 issues and our 20th anniversary.

We’ve given you the first 500 free. But now we want your help. Would you consider donating at least $1 for every issue we publish in the future. Make a monthly donation of $4.00 – or an annual donation of at least $48 – to enable Pambazuka News to continue to support the movement for freedom and justice. You can sign up for a direct debit online here.

We want to raise $300,000 to expand the services provided by Pambazuka News to our readers. Please consider this appeal as a serious one: it is the only way we can make sure that Pambazuka News survives and grows, but above all, remains independent. (full text).

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