Ten Commandments For Good Manners

Published on Courtesy Counts, Inc..

1. Be Thyself.
Good Manners begin with a good sense of self. Unless you are true to yourself,
you can never be true to others. You are unique. Don’t try to shape your
personality to meet circumstances. Be natural, and the world will respect you for
what you are …//

… 10. Act and Look Your Best.
Each day dress as if it were your only chance to shine. A smile should top your
list of accessories. Your home, car and workplace should reflect your best. They
should be tidy, neat and well organized. Table manners are important too.
Observe rules of proper conduct, such as not speaking with food in your mouth
and not eating until the host has been seated. Eat slowly, enjoying each bite.
Savor the moments when good friends.

Full text for the other 8 commandments.

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