Index November 2010

2010-11-01: Sudan: Race Against Time;
2010-11-02: Haiti: ‘We’ve been forgotten’;
2010-11-03: International Muslim-Christian Consultation Transforming Communities;
2010-11-04: Yemen, the real conflict, Pt.2;
2010-11-05: EPAs: New trade deals, old agendas;
2010-11-06: FINAL STATEMENT – Transforming Communities;
2010-11-07: Pan-Africanism and the challenge of East African Community integration;
2010-11-08: Africa’s great land grab;
2010-11-09: US revolution and counterrevolution: Turns, twists and zigzags;
2010-11-10: $75 million for Micronutrient Initiative;
2010-11-11: United Nations Webcast – 9th Session of HRC;
2010-11-12: Which Way Home;
2010-11-13: Education officials stress need to combat anti-Semitism in schools;
2010-11-14: Conference on Disarmament CD – 3 and 13 December 2010;
2010-11-15: Economics and ethics?
2010-11-16: Analysis of the In-Depth Interviews in Kenya;
2010-11-16: WSIS Forum 2011;
2010-11-17: la librairie arabe “L’OLIVIER” pésente ce fin novembre 2010;
2010-11-17: Association Of War-Disabled Veterans Extends Support To Members;
2010-11-18: South America tops farmland investors’ wish-list;
2010-11-19: The UN General Assembly is the Pre-Eminent Forum for Global Debate;
2010-11-20: Kenya’s complicated transition and the lessons for Zimbabwe;
2010-11-21: The World we want in 2015;
2010-11-22: Patent grab threatens biodiversity and food sovereignty in Africa;
2010-11-23: Ghana’s Oil Find, Diamonds and Gold, Nigeria’s Oil Conflicts;
2010-11-24: CONGO: Polio kills at least 97;
2010-11-25: When the poor become powerful outside of state control;
2010-11-26: HRW calls for protection of migrant workers in Middle East;
2010-11-27: African Executive;
2010-11-28: Are you saying we are not human?
2010-11-29: UNDIR Issues;
2010-11-30: Peace more in Kenyan hands than the ICC’s.

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