Contentment is the Greatest Wealth!

Published on Poverty Portal, by Rohana Deva, Oct 15, 2010.

The moment we hear the word ‘poverty’, the first thing that comes to mind is starvation, lack of shelter, scarcity of educational and medical services and malnutrition. Considering the fact that our country is surrounded by the ocean and has abundant resources such as fish and possess rivers and lush natural water tanks, it is actually a wonder as to what really makes ‘poverty’ exist? … //

… According to the statistics of the World Health Organizations, 30% of the world population is mentally ill. While 35% to 40% of such cases in the first world states do not take any treatment for this, this figure is at about 75% in developing countries like ours and other poverty stricken countries.    

In a society as ours, the poverty alleviation programmes would find it difficult to meet their objectives since they are conducted without proper stimulation that would help in healing the wounded mentalities. Is it not the responsibility of the social activists’ to mobilise programmes which strengthen knowledge and skills of the masses in addition to the elimination of hunger?

Therefore do you think that there is sufficient attention being paid to the enhancement of the mental happiness/mental health in the poverty alleviation programmes that have been undertaken by the Government and various other organisations? (Kala Suri (Expert in Arts) Rohana Deva, Chairman – Thidora Theatre). (full text).

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