Commentary: Double-speak and waging psychological war against the people

Published on Online Journal, by Larry Pinkney, December 17, 2010.

… It is imperative that we everyday people revisit our histories — this time with a view towards grasping the true nature of the people’s struggle in this land – as opposed to the corporate-stream, manipulated vomit, which historical impersonations are being passed off by ‘educational’ institutions and the like as being everyday people’s history. The fact of the matter is that women and men of all colors in this nation have been waging an ongoing struggle for social, political, and economic justice. Notwithstanding changes in technology and/or the names of political parties, the opponents to this people’s struggle for social, political, and economic justice remain today, essentially who they were over three centuries ago – the entrenched, wealthy elite.

Irrespective of color, a people who lose their history, die. For example, despite Barack Obama’s pigmentation and rhetorical differences, he is of fundamentally the same mentality, and represents the same interests of the entrenched, wealthy elite as do their Republican Party White House predecessors and congressional colleagues. Thus, the effort to distort the true history of the people’s struggle is continued by both Democrats and Republicans alike. It is an insidious form of psychological warfare against the people of this nation.

The most effective way to struggle against the double-speak and psychological warfare on the part of both the Democrats and Republicans [i.e. the Republicrats] is to uncompromisingly speak truth to power and organize with other everyday people.

Let it not be said about the everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow people of this nation: “They lost their history, so they died.” Let us control our own narrative.

We must do as did Howard Zinn. We must tell and spread an accurate account of the ‘People’s History of the United States.’

Onward, my sisters and brothers! Onward! (full text).

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