Employers Support Public Health Insurance Plan In San Francisco

Watch this video, 12.39 min, published on The Real News Network, by Paul Jay, Febr. 7, 2011. Arin Dube: Study shows majority of employers support mandate in city health insurance plan

Transcript: PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Washington. The health-care debate is back on in Washington as the House passes a bill to repeal the Obama health care act.

President Obama will in all likelihood veto it, so this is not going to go very far. But there will be a coming fight about amendments to the legislation, whether to strengthen it or weaken it, depending what side you are on [in] all of this. But one of the big issues in the legislation is the issue of employer mandate: does the government have the right to tell employers and individuals that they must buy into insurance?

And there are some models about whether this works or not. One of them is San Francisco. And a recent study shows that employers and people in San Francisco are finding the employer mandate workable. Now joining us from Amherst, Massachusetts: Arin Dube, who did this study. He’s an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts and an associate at the PERI institute. Thanks for joining us, Arin … (full text Transcript).

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RTAmerica, 04 February 2011: Employers created 36,000 jobs in January, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning. It was a smaller number than expected and less than private surveys earlier this week had predicted. RT caught up with Columbia University Professor and Economist Joseph Stiglitz to find out his opinion on the unemployment crisis.

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