Wyse Supports eLearning Africa with Platinum Sponsorship

Published on Business Ghana, (Source: eLearning Africa), February 15, 2011.

Wyse is committed to helping educational institutions in Africa use its advanced desktop virtualisation solutions better to enable schools and colleges to deliver teaching and learning based on reliable, affordable and greener classroom ICT. African clients and partners draw on the company’s considerable expertise and success in working with educational organisations globally.

In South Africa, 2.5 million students in schools will be provided with access to a cloud computing laboratory by 2013. Over 70,000 PCs with access to the latest software and Internet content using Wyse cloud software and cloud PCs have already been installed. The Gauteng Online initiative is one of Wyse’s major African eLearning initiatives. In Nigeria, a new network of examination centres relies on a Wyse cloud client computing infrastructure to enable examinations to be delivered, taken and scored entirely electronically, saving time and money while also improving reliability and service with accurate results delivered in hours rather than months … (full text).

Link: Focus on Education: Watch this video, 2.13 min, published on Red Nose Day.

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