Making the world a better place

also in spanish - Published on Resource, by Hans Wolters, November 2009.

New chief executive of the Resource Alliance Hans Wolters took up his new post this month. He talked to Penny Stephens about his priorities, his thoughts for the future of the organisation and how it can help to make the world a better place.  “I have met so many people I had heard of or who had been recommended to me,” says Hans Wolters, looking around the crowded foyer at the 29th International Fundraising Congress in Holland.   

It’s Wolters’ first experience of the IFC – the event for which he will have overall responsibility next year in his role as chief executive of the Resource Alliance – and he says it’s been a “great opportunity to be just an observer” at the biggest international fundraising event anywhere in the world. Wolters took over the reins at the RA from Lyndall Stein at the beginning of November. Asked what drew him to his new role, Wolters says: “It’s the multiplier function” … (full text).

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