Annual Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education

Received by e-mail:
From: Vernor Munoz
Date: 06/11/2009

The annual report of the Special Rapporteur on the right to education to be presented to the Human Rights Council in 2010 will focus on the right to education of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. With the aim of hearing from all interested persons and/or organisations about their experiences, concerns and thoughts in the provision of education for migrants, refugees and/or asylum seekers, we seek and would welcome your cooperation by responding to this questionnaire as fully as possible:

The focus of the report, and as such of the proposed questionnaire, is on persons who are living outside the territory of the county of which they are nationals or citizens, irrespective of their age. It includes migrants in regular or irregular situations, and persons who are subject to the legal protection of the status of refugee and/or those who are seeking asylum.

To ensure a full reflection in the answers of the differing status, needs and experiences of migrants and refugees and/or those who are seeking asylum, where appropriate the questions have been split into one of two categories: (i) migrants and (ii) refugees and/or asylum seekers. Should one category not apply to your domain of expertise please simply pass on to the next question. In responding to this questionnaire, particular attention should be paid to the principle of non-discrimination, in conjunction with the four essential features previously identified as critical components of the right to education, namely, availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability.

It is strongly encouraged that submissions be made in a UN working language due to limited capacity for translation and transmitted electronically to or by post to Vernor Muñoz, PO Box 1245 – 1007, Centro Colon, Costa Rica. In order for the information received to be used for the report of the Special Rapporteur, submission of responses is encouraged as soon as possible and no later than 20 January 2010.

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