Civil society is a major player in the democratic transition in Tunisia

en français: La société civile, acteur majeur de la transition démocratique en Tunisie – Published on Ciranda International /english version, March 21, 2011.

… organized from 17 to 20 March 2011 in Tunis, an international seminar on democratic transition, including workshops on the role and needs of Tunisian civil society during this period. It is the first tome since the fall of Ben Ali that such an event hosts hundreds of participants. Foreign guests (from Spain, Belarus, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, etc..), international experts, officials from Tunisian government and European institutions, member organizations of Tunisian civil society, have spent two days debating the conditions for a successful democratic transition.

The objectives of these two events were threefold: to learn from the experiences gained abroad during democratic transitions, define the framework for this transition in Tunisia and, finally, to evaluate and clarify the role and needs of civil society in Tunisia. The outcome of this work shows full agreement on a number of principles that unite all humanity.

These principles are basically: … (full text).

: Who is in charge here? on The Economist, March 25, 2011.

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