The crazies versus the sleepwalkers—big budget showdown

Published on Intrepid Report, by Michael Collins, April 15, 2011.

… The Republican crazies are in a celebrity death match with sleepwalking Democrats. It is a fabricated drama amounting to not much of anything in terms of the nation’s well being. The stakes are supposedly the shutdown of the United States government at midnight this Friday. But the most pressing issue isn’t discussed on Capitol Hill.

Why can’t anyone in a position of power mention the unmentionable? There have been no net new jobs in the United States since 2000. There were 137 million employed citizens that year. There are 139 million employed citizens today. This comes into clear focus when you consider the size of the workforce for 2000 and 2010; 143 million versus 154 million respectively. There are actually fewer jobs in proportion to the workforce … // 

… The Democrats are the sleepwalkers and proud of it. President Obama never misses an opportunity to reach out and “embrace business,” as he calls it. Not just any business will do. Obama’s new pal is General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, recently in Japan to asses the situation with GE reactor failures at Fukushima or maybe look at off shoring more GE jobs.

The embrace of big business, big banks, and Wall Street, through their loyal servant, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, completes the White House landscape of all corporate all the time when the people need jobs, mortgage interest relief, and a return of the wealth transferred from their savings to the Wall Street faction so well represented in the White House.

Who will win in this latest drama on the Hill? It really doesn’t matter. We all lose as long as we have two parties, separated by just a few degrees, that show consistent disrespect for reality and the people that they claim to serve.

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(Michael Collins is a writer in the DC area who researches and comments on the corruptions of the new millennium. His articles focus on the financial manipulations of The Money Party, the abuse of power by government, and features on elections and election fraud. His articles can be found here. His website is called The Money Party).

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