The system is a social disease

Published on Intrepid Report, by Frank Scott, April 19, 2011.

… The future calls for democratically controlled state power exercised in centrally overseeing decentralized local power, and a balance between global, national and local communities. This can only happen with more equitable sharing of resources, rather than wealth accruing to some at the expense of all. New energy forms are as important as new governing forms. The continued rape of the earth to acquire energy owned by private capital is countered by the need for democratic sources of energy available to all who experience sunlight and wind power. These cannot be marketed as private property. 

Change can seem an insurmountable obstacle in a world divided into competing individuals and groups, but that is the source of our problem. Its radical transformation is our solution. Another world is not only possible, but also absolutely necessary in order to overcome the twin terrors of capital’s war on humans and earth itself.

We are witnessing the end of fossil fuel-powered minority-dominated society, the backbone of global capitalism. We need to start using renewable energy that is available above the ground and end the rape of earth’s interior to suck out fuel that destroys earth as it is removed and pollutes when transformed into carbons and greenhouse gas. Democracy will be far more possible when people see through myths about evil dictators and allegedly benign energy sources that cover the reality of a system that is a danger to the survival of the human race. (full text).

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