We did it

a success story – and a book review of: The Total Money Makeover. – Published on Dave Ramsey, April 8, 2011.

i am a single mom of two wonderful girls, until 2009 i did not know what a budget was, money came in and out of my hand like mist, rarely did it stay. i had credit cards, loans, overdrafts and owed money to so many places i did not know where i was, i grew up this way, it seemed to be normal and i guess to most it is normal. however i realised i did not want to be normal. I bought your book and everything seemed to fall into place, i did the babysteps and suddenly i was on a roll. fast forward 18months later and here i am debt free, apart from the house and that is on the market as i am downsizing. I have paid off $30,000 of debt on an annual income of £18,000 on my own, my children sit with me when i do the budget, we shop together and try to beat each other with the bargains we find. i am giving them the education i wish my parents had given me … (full text).

Link: Stop The Squeeze, Americans for Debt Relief Now.

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