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Received by e-mail: From: Alice Yorke, Date: 10/11/2009.

Dear colleagues, We are pleased to update you about three recent publications on citizenship education from NFER researchers. Embedding citizenship education (CE) in secondary schools in England (2002-08) (Avril Keating, David Kerr, Joana Lopes, Gill Featherstone and Thomas Benton). This is the seventh annual report from the Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study (CELS), concentrating on emerging lessons from 12 longitudinal case-study schools that CELS has been following since CE became as statutory part of the curriculum in 2002.  

The report shows that CE, as a subject, is increasingly accepted by secondary school leaders and teachers, It is perceived to be having a positive impact on students’ confidence, tolerance and respect; while other benefits include a greater awareness of current affairs and engagement with local issues. However, there remain a minority of schools where CE is not firmly embedded and where students may not be receiving their statutory entitlement. The final report from CELS will be published in 2010. Research brief, full report and press release can be found here.

Citizenship and values education to the rescue! A shared call to action by the Five Nations Network, David Kerr ­ Conference Rapporteur.

  • A united call to action – from those in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – for politicians and policy makers to make a renewed commitment to citizenship and values education to enable young people to engage with our increasingly complex, challenging and changing world. Recent events, including mistrust in politics and politicians, the rise of far right parties, and the meltdown in financial services, have all highlighted the urgency of investment in citizenship and values education.
  • The Five Nations Network has brought together policy makers, practitioners, stakeholders, NGOs and young people for an annual conference on citizenship and values education since 2000. Following the ninth annual conference, they are now determined to galvanise support and have issued a number of lines of action to invigorate citizenship and values education within and across the five nations.
  • Call to action, executive summary and full conference report can be accessed at or from the Institute for Global Ethics website:

Pupil assessment in citizenship education: purposes, practices and possibilities, David Kerr, Avril Keating and Eleanor Ireland.

  • Can you assess pupils in citizenship education? If yes, how can you do it effectively? What are the challenges in developing pupil assessment in citizenship education?
  • Responding to a gap in knowledge and understanding about assessment in this area, NFER worked with a number of CIDREE organisations from across Europe to answer these questions.
  • The report collects comparative information on current policies, purposes and practices in eight countries ­ England, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales ­ and highlights emerging themes and challenges. The outcomes map the rapid and ongoing changes that have taken place, identify key challenges that remain and highlight the possibilities for taking this area forward.

Download a free copy of the full report, 117 pdf-pages.

NFER is keen to work with partners to continue to monitor and report on developments in pupil assessment in citizenship education.

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David Kerr, Avril Keating, Joana Lopes, Julie Nelson.

Alice Yorke, Marketing and sales officer, CMIS, NFER, The Mere, Upton Park, SL1 2DQ, Tel +44 (0) 1753 637 002, E-mail.

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CELS reports and resources;

CELS is the biggest and longest-running study about the impact of citizenship education anywhere in the world. The project was commissioned by the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), and started in 2001, when citizenship education became a compulsory subject for all schools in England … (full text CELS);

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