Documentary: Planet for Sale

Published on Food Crisis an the Global Land Grab, by Al Amoudi of ARTE.TV, May 03, 2011.

… The key players: on one side, investors from both wealthy and emerging countries (Japan, China, Gulf States) that are looking to guarantee their country’s food security. On the other side, banks and investment funds that see farmland purchases as a promising new revenue source.

Shot on three continents, our film makes it clear that farmlands are being bought up the world over. Three continents and three examples that tell one and the same story: the story of a gigantic game of Monopoly, and the consequences it could have if nothing is done to protect the interests of small farmers and developing countries.

Below is the 55 minute English version. The full 90 minute version in French can be viewed here. Those requiring a DVD copy can contact us for further information.

Watch the 55 min. video here.

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