Hunger Looms Amid Drought In Horn Of Africa

Published on World Food Programme WFP, June 29, 2011.

Around 9 million people in the Horn of Africa need humanitarian assistance as severe drought combines with high food prices and conflict to push the poorest and weakest close to the edge of survival. WFP aims to reach two thirds of these with food assistance.

ROME – Nearly 9 million people in the Horn of Africa need humanitarian assistance as a result of a severe drought, whose effects are being worsened by high food prices and conflict.

The people needing aid include 6 million that WFP aims to reach with food assistance, mainly in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.  

“Desperate hunger is looming across the Horn of Africa and threatening the lives of millions who are struggling to survive in the face of rising food prices and conflict,” said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran in a statement Wednesday … //

… But the humanitarian response in Somalia and Ethiopia in particular is hampered by funding shortfalls and new contributions are urgently needed.

“It is essential that we move quickly to break the destructive cycle of drought and hunger that forces farmers to sell their means of production as part of their survival strategy,” Sheeran said. (full text).


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