Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights

Lahore /Pakistan, September 09-18, 2011 – Deadline for Application: August 15, 2011 – Received by e-mail, From: Samson Salamat, Date: 25/07/2011.

The Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE) – Pakistan is pleased to announce and invite the applications for the 2nd Annual “Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights (PCDHR)” to be held in Lahore on September 09-18, 2011.  The candidates are encouraged to send their complete applications immediately to avoid the last moment tribulations. If you are interested the application forms in Urdu and English can be downloaded from the Centre for Human Rights Education, Pakistan.

[Moderator's note: If you are interested in this course, or want to make inquiries, please DO NOT reply to this message as it will be sent back to the list address and you will not receive an answer; instead, please contact the organisers via the contact information provided below. Thank you]   


Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights PCDHR is designed for human rights defenders and educators working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and the students of the Social Science Departments (Sociology, Political Science, Gender Studies, International Relations, Mass Communications etc.), the officials of different state institutions, media and the political groups. Candidates belonging to religious minorities and the women are also strongly encouraged to apply.

PCDHR consists of two modules and the trainees are required to attend both. At the completion of both the modules the trainees shall be awarded with a certificate and shall be called the Alumni of CHRE. Please note that the second Module of PCDHR shall be held in January 2012, however the trainees shall remain involved in the follow-up initiatives on regular basis to make sure that the learnings are put into practice.

The Course is conducted in participatory methodology to enhance the understanding of the participants on the concepts of democracy and human rights and to enhance their skills to work effectively as human rights defenders.

PCDHR is an intensive learning program and follow-up puts strong emphasis on “Putting Learnings into Practice” therefore the trainees shall be required to develop and implement an individual plan to ensure that the learnings are put into practice.

Specific Objectives:

  • Provide in depth knowledge to enhance conceptual clarity on human rights and democracy.
  • Encourage the development of skills, and the formulation and application of policies, necessary to transform that information into practical professional behavior.
  • Sensitize participants to their particular role in protecting and promoting democracy and human rights.
  • Build partnerships and networking among the participants and their organizations.
  • Plan and strategize for putting the participants’ learnings into practice through research and advocacy initiatives.

Steps of PCDHR:

  • First Module of the Course (September 09-18, 2011)
  • Implementation of Individual Plan-September to December 2011 (the individual plan shall be made by each participant during the first module to ensure that the learnings are put into practice)
  • Second Module (January 2012)
  • Implementation of Individual Plan-February to May 2012

Facilitators and Resource Persons:

  • Professor Hafeez Kumbar: Consultant & Trainer, Centre for Human Rights Education
  • Mr. Samson Salamat: Director- Centre for Human Rights Education
  • Ms. Munaza Hashmi: Consultant & Trainer, Centre for Human Rights Education
  • Ms. Uzma Zarin: Project Coordinator, Oxfam GB
  • Ms. Shazia Shaheen: Program Coordinator- Simorgh
  • Mr. Afnan Khan: Chief Reporter- Daily Times
  • Mr. Hameed Gondal: Project Coordinator, South Asian Partnership- Pakistan
  • Mr. Ashar Javed: Executive Secretary- Centre for Human Rights Education
  • Mr. Sajid Gulzar: Executive Director- Association for Human Development
  • Mr. Zahid Rehman Director- Taraqee Theatre for Social Change & CHRE Alumni

Course Fee:

  • There is no Course fee and CHRE will cover tuition, program materials, accommodation and meals with the financial support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for the selected participants. However, please note that all the participants or their organizations will bear their travel costs.

Selection Process:

Based on the design and objectives of the PCDHR, the priority in the selection will be given to Candidates affiliated with NGOs and CBOs. In a limited number of cases, consideration will also be given to Candidates from other types of organizations involved in human rights education, such as government run human rights institutions, educational institutions, media and political groups.

The Organizations and Candidates shall be carefully selected to ensure the maximum benefits from the PCDHR. Therefore the Organizations or Institutions which nominate the Candidates must:

  • have a proven commitment to the protection and promotion of democracy and human rights
  • have an established record for effective action
  • be involved in human rights education activities such as training sessions, workshops, public research, awareness campaigns, advocacy, monitoring etc.
  • be committed to providing opportunities for their Candidate to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the course in the work of the organization.

The Candidates applying for PCDHR must:

  • be active employees / volunteers with their organization for at least one year
  • have basic knowledge of the principles of democracy and human rights
  • be committed to transferring knowledge and skills gained during PCDHR
  • be sensitive to the issues which arise when working in multicultural groups and respectful of diversity
  • strong communication skills in national and local language of the candidate (s) and working knowledge of English.

A Selection Committee will review all the applications. In addition to the requirements previously listed, consideration will also be given to overall gender balance, and where possible, geographic representation. Given the number of applications and limited space available, we are unable to accept many worthy Candidates. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

For applying:

If you feel that you and your organization meet the selection criteria and the program’s objectives are compatible to your needs, you are invited to complete the application form along with Memorandum of Agreement and organization’s brochure and send it before August 15, 2011 to Mr. Naeem, Haroon- Program Coordinator (0345-7271630).

Late or incomplete applications shall not be processed. All applicants will be notified of the results of the selection by August 20, 2011.

Please note that your application must include:

  • The completed Application Form
  • The Memorandum of Agreement duly signed by the Candidate and the Director/ President of the nominating organization
  • A brochure (and/or mission statement) describing the nominating organization

The applications may be sent by email (preferably) or by post using the following email and postal address:
CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION, House No. 958, Block-H, Near Liaqat Chowk, Sabzazar, Multan Road- Lahore, Phones: +92-42-37495268, Email one, Email two.


Centre for Human Rights Education:

Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political human rights body, established by a group of human rights defenders to strengthen the human rights culture through educational programs, research, awareness raising and advocacy initiatives.

CHRE supports human rights learning, training of human rights defenders, civil society groups, and government institutions, the development of educational materials and advocacy initiatives to advocate and advance the protection and promotion of human rights and to foster the development of a human rights culture.

The establishment of the Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan was on the basis of the need that the Pakistani civil society requires more systematic, result oriented and sustainable programs to deal with the challenges to democracy and human rights in the country. More information about CHRE programs is available here.

Thanks you very much for your attention.
Yours sincerely, Samson Salamat, Director, Centre for Human Rights Education

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