UPEACE offers new online MA on Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World

University of Peace: New ONLINE MA on Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World – Received by e-mail, From: Dina Rodríguez, Date: 17/08/2011

The online MA programme on Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World is intended to prepare competent professionals and researchers to be able to resolve pressing and complex global problems that are the concern of humanity, as well as to bring new approaches to old problems through various levels of analysis and action. Every course in this programme shares a commitment to ethics, fundamental human values, gender sensitivity, and multiculturalism. 

The content of the online MA moves from a study of the origins of conflict at the personal, local, internal, and international levels to the promotion and practice of peace. The programme discusses the responsibilities and capacities of all social sectors, including key political and economic institutions, as well as civil society and individuals, and their potential impact on the environmental and social aspects of peace and conflict. Skills for the maintenance of peace are emphasized throughout the programme, including analysing and understanding conflict from multiple perspectives.

This is an interdisciplinary online programme, drawing on scholarship and methodologies from across academia. The complexities of today’s world, and the developments of the last thirty years in understanding peace and conflict, demand an approach that crosses boundaries while seeking to create new progressions in the main field of study.

All courses are well-integrated within the programme, bringing together modern theories, and concepts, in-depth case studies, best-practices from around the world, sound methodologies, and the valuable contributions of course-takers.

BONUS: Students enrolled in the Online MA Programme are eligible to the following:

  • 1. To attend one face-to-face course at the UPEACE Rodrigo Carazo Campus (San Jose) or in any other UPEACE teaching locations (Addis Ababa, Geneva, New York), when courses are offered.
  • 2. It includes room and board for the duration of the course in San Jose.
  • 3. Doesn’t include travel expenses for the face-to-face course.

Prospective Participants:

The online MA is mainly intended for working professionals who are seeking a graduate degree in the field of peace and conflict studies. Such professionals include, but are not limited to, members of the diplomatic corps, members of the military (in service or in military academies), members of security services, university professors, employees of international organizations (such as the UN, OAS, EU, etc.), members of international NGOs (such as AI, ACCORD, etc.), and governmental officers or civil servants (within foreign relations, security, ministry officers, etc.). More broadly, the audience profile is intended to engage adult learners who are unable to travel or attend the face-to-face programmes or who prefer to interact online and at their own pace and timing. These are individuals who likely wish to combine professional goals and personal commitments with their studies in the field of Peace.

  • Students admitted to any UPEACE MA programme must exhibit an outstanding academic record.
  • Students should also demonstrate commitment to working for a positive social change; a year or more of work experience in a related field is a plus. Some background in international studies or cross-cultural experience is also desirable.
  • The language of instruction is English; therefore, it is expected that students are English proficient and also have and advanced computer literacy.

For further information, please visit the  UPEACE Programme here.

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