Irish Human Rights Commission publishes report on HRE in Ireland

Received by e-mail, From: Fidelma Joyce, Date: 20/08/2011

Dear All, I am writing to announce the publication of Human Rights Education in Ireland – An Overview by the Irish Human Rights Commission IHRC, Ireland’s national human rights institution. This publication is a baseline mapping of the extent and range of human rights education taking place in Ireland. The IHRC study was guided and informed by the UN World Programme on Human Rights Education’s WPHRE definition of Human Rights Education and the WPHRE Action Plans. In the report, the Commission attempts to chart the extent of human rights education and training across a range of sectors including formal primary and secondary education, higher education, the community and voluntary sector, the civil and public sector and the legal profession in Ireland. We believe that the study is timely as the 2nd Phase of the WPHRE unfolds.  

While limited resources restricted the depth of scoping in certain areas, in carrying out this mapping, the IHRC identified opportunities to strengthen human rights education in each sector and ways to collaborate in achieving this goal. The Commission recommends that the development of a National Action Plan on Human Rights Education and the establishment of a Governmental inter-departmental committee is needed to bring coherence to efforts that already exist to promote human rights education and to further strengthen such efforts. The report also recognises the key role that civil society plays in promoting human rights education and training and their need for greater resources to build on what already exists. Finally, the report ties in with the Commission’s Human Rights Education and Training Project, which was launched in 2010 and provides tailored training on human rights to civil and public servants in Ireland aimed at promoting the Commission’s overall mandate of promoting human rights in Irish law, policy and practice.

We consider that the report offers us a basis on which to develop a stronger human rights education and training infrastructure that will contribute to strengthening the protection of human rights in Ireland.

This report is a starting point for the Commission’s HRE work and we would welcome feedback and any resources you consider could be helpful as follow up on the recommendations made in the report. Please feel free to contact myself or Kirsten Roberts, Director of Research, Policy and Promotion with your comments or feedback. If you would like any further information about the training project for the Civil and Public Service, please feel free to contact Fiona Murphy, Project Coordinator.

We would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to HREA, which is a great resource for all of us engaged in the promotion and delivery of human rights education and training.

Please see link to report:

With best regards, Fidelma Joyce, Senior Human Rights Awareness Officer, Irish Human Rights Commission.

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