South-south cooperation revs up

Brazil has been using its growing strength to forge ties with other countries in the global south – Published on Al Jazeera, by Thalif Deen, August 22, 2011.

As one of the world’s emerging economic powerhouses, Brazil is vigourously pursuing one of the key economic objectives on the UN’s development agenda: South-South Cooperation.

The Brazilian Cooperation Agency is currently participating in scores of economic projects, mostly in the agricultural sector, in more than 80 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The projects range across industries from livestock and fisheries to horticulture and food production.

Brazil is supporting the development of an experimental cotton station in Mali, a rice station in Senegal, a vocational training centre and food security programme in East Timor and soybean production in Cuba.

Additionally, it is providing technical expertise and assistance in the development of agricultural technology in Haiti, a vocational training centre in Paraguay and the creation and consolidation of the Institute of Agriculture and Livestock in Bolivia.

In 2010 alone, Brazil signed 21 international agreements with just one single regional organisation, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), along with bilateral agreements with Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname and Haiti.

The six Brazilian ministries involved in South-South cooperation initiatives are the ministries of rural development; social development and the fight against hunger; fishery and acquaculture; environment; agriculture, livestock and supply; and external relations … //

… Asked about the specific areas of cooperation, Moura said these fields are being developed through 16 existing working groups.

They cover different areas: revenue administration, public administration, agriculture, tourism, human settlements, science and technology, trade, culture, defence, social development, education, energy, environment, health, information society and transport.

The actions of these working groups enhance the exchange of experiences and the development of common initiatives, Moura said.

In the field of science and technology, IBSA has undertaken a programme, titled IBSAOCEAN, involving scientists from all three countries.

“They are also working on an IBSA Satellite,” he added.

In trade, there has been steady collaboration with the Federal Revenue Services to facilitate commercial exchanges through the institution of a safe and secure trade lane for authorised economic operators.

Efforts to normalise trade rules are being undertaken under the umbrella of the WG on Trade.

In the field of health, he said, the IBSA delegations to the World Health Organisation have been working jointly on a large spectrum of resolutions. (full text).


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