7 FOI Laws Pass in Past Year – 18 More Under Consideration

the International Right-to-Know Day 2011 – Published on Freedom Info.org, by Toby McIntosh, September 27, 2011.

New FOI laws in 7 countries, dozens more open government initiatives, according to freedominfo.org roundup. Freedom of information laws were created in seven countries in the year since the last Right to Know Day, notable positive changes were recorded in four other countries and active efforts to pass laws are under way in about 18 nations, according to a FreedomInfo.org survey.  

Since International RTK Day 2010, first-time laws were adopted in: El Salvador, Guinea Canakry, Guyana, Jersey, Liberia, Nigeria and Mongolia. In addition, significant pro-access developments occurred in other countries, including administrative decrees in Tunisia and Niger. The Chinese and Ugandan governments took administrative steps toward greater openness. In 18 countries, efforts to pass new laws are ongoing, with some countries seemingly poised to pass FOI laws.

On the other hand, negative transparency proposals surfaced in a handful of countries, some successful, and efforts to reform existing access regimes, while fruitful in the Ukraine, often ran into opposition. Overall, the level of activity appears higher than that recorded in the previous year … (full long text – infos about many countries).


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