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Postgraduate Diploma on Integral Protection for Human Rights Defenders and Social Activists – Published on HURIDOCS, October 13, 2011.

This course is aimed at persons involved in the fight for human dignity, NGOs and human rights association activists, civil servants from the different local, community and national administrations; volunteers and staff from international organisations; and citizens willing to be involved in social transformation processes. Above all, the course is designed for those who, as a result of their studies, activism, daily job, pedagogical work or responsible involvement with their social environment, are looking for material to channel their commitment to human dignity, by protecting social activists and human rights defenders. 

General objectives:

To improve the human rights situation by strengthening the position of those working in this field (human rights defenders, experts, consultants), through integral training on security and protection.
To develop an understanding of human rights as a process of struggle aimed at achieving decent living conditions (human rights critical theory) … //

… same text in spanish: Curso online: Especialista Universitario en Protección Integral de Defensores/as de Derechos Humanos y Activistas Sociales

… (full texts).

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