Talk Amongst Yourselves

Published on openDemocracy, by Dan Hind, October 15, 2011.

People are now heading towards the Square Mile, the centre of the UK’s financial sector, in conscious imitation of Occupy Wall Street and similar actions in Europe and the Middle East. Some are planning to put together a People’s Assembly … //

… The Role of People’s Assemblies:  

Britain and the wider world is in a shambles. Our politicians are corrupt and insulated from popular constituencies. Our economies are now quite obviously rackets run for the benefit of rent-seekers and speculators. Collusion between politicians and the media leaves us radically misinformed about the world beyond our immediate experience. The path we are on leads through servitude to annihilation.

No one can deny that a far-reaching transformation is necessary. The People’s Assembly is a crucial device for making what is necessary possible.

Everyone arriving in the City of London on Saturday will have their own views and experiences. They may well find that they have a good deal more in common than the major media would have them believe. We have been starved of opportunities for effectual speech for years. To discover what we have in common will take time. We have time, still, and we have each other.

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