Should Africa Repay its Odious Debts?

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Watch this video, 14.34 minutes, published on The Real News Network TRNN, by Paul Jay, October 24, 2011: Boyce and Ndikumana, authors of ‘Africa’s Odious Debts’, argue that under international law, debts incurred by dictators should not be enforceable.

More Videos about:

The Human Cost of Africa’s Odious Debt, 11.50 min:
Léonce Ndikumana and James K. Boyce: The cost of servicing external odious debt leads to tragic underspending on health care and education.

The Legal Basis to Reject Odious Debt, 18.04 minutes:
Léonce Ndikumana and James K. Boyce: International law supports Africa rejecting debts that did not benefit the people.

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