Russia Backs Afghanistan’s Request for Membership in the SCO

Published on Bakhtar news /english, October 25, 2011.

… In a meeting on Saturday in Arg, Russian Special Representative to Afghanistan Zamir Kabolov, told President Karzai that his country supports Afghanistan’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Among the issues discussed in the meeting were Russia’s assistance in rebuilding two major enterprises, the Apartment building Factory and the Afsootr transport company, formerly owned solely by the government. Central Asia’s electricity transmission to South Asia was another subject of discussion.  

The upcoming Istanbul Conference was termed an important event to consolidate and urge regional cooperation and bring about further harmony. Russian special envoy also informed that his country was preparing to gift Afghanistan with 3000 tons of flour wheat in the coming days. (full text).


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Some short videos:

(My comment: how can we stop men’s need and pleasure for powerplays instead serving this humanity by cooperation. An anti-testosterone injection)?

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