Ethiopia and Drought: 1984 versus 2011

Watch this video, published on Humanitarian, November 3, 2011.

A24 Media (the video is here) and ONE have produced a video on Tigray, Ethiopia that looks at the difference between the 1984 famine that lead to events like Live Aid and the present drought that has contributed to the present famine in South Somalia. The press release says: … (full text).   


The status of the world, according to the Global Hunger Index 2011, October 121, 2011.

Calling on the good and willing, August 24, 2011: After 17 years in the field, working in front line humanitarian emergency response, of which 15 years in food aid relief, I took a sabbatical break. Taking a distance allowed me to discover an other side of the humanitarian work, something more longer term, but with no less impact: agricultural development … (full text).

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