Experts urge action against child labour

Published on DNA, by Kinjal Desai, Nov. 9, 2011.

Free India does not necessarily mean freedom for poor from poverty or freedom for children from labour. Stakeholders have to pull up their socks if they really intend to help society’s poorer section. This was the general opinion shared by most of the speakers and stakeholders at the two-day workshop on Elimination of Bonded Labour and Child Labour.  

The workshop held at Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute in Memnagar began on Tuesday. It sought to create awareness among stakeholders to take immediate action against perpetrators of child labour or bonded labour, to become more humane in their approach while dealing with bonded and child labourers and to ensure that their constitutional rights are upheld.

Justice BC Patel, member of NHRC, asked at the workshop: When India’s constitution was written down, there were volumes of drafts pertaining to justice and equality. Unfortunately, today neither justice is available nor equality traceable. Why? … //

… Dr Sanjay Dubey, NHRC director said, Detecting bonded labour is a challenge today, mainly because of its changing nature. And hence, officials must apply their minds in the current context and find out about the victims and the reasons for their suffering. (full text).


Child labourers: A new feature film sheds light on a sad chapter of Swiss history. Watch this video published on, 3.59 minutes, November 6, 2011: From the 19th century until the mid-20th century, the authorities placed orphans and children from poor families on farms, where they had to work without pay. For the first time a feature film explores the issue of the Verdingkinder or child labourers.

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