Interview with Thomas Ouana, from Mali against land grabbing

Published on Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab, by Real World Radioin Mozambique, Published: 21 Nov 2011.

Listen their download: The International Peasant Conference taking place in Mali against land grabbing aims to build a concrete action plan to stop this phenomenon, said Thomas Ouana, from the National Union of Mozambican Peasant Farmers (UNAC) in an interview with Real World Radio.  

Capacity-building on how land grabbing takes place and the true impacts on rural communities is a challenge for the international peasant movement and NGO allies, academics and students from all over the world.

This is what the member of the National Union of Mozambican Peasant Farmers, which is in turn part of La Via Campesina International, told Real World Radio. One of the aims of the organization at local level is to strengthen the links with members of parliament and political actors fighting against land grabbing, a process that concentrates many hectares for forestation, mining and agrofuels.

“The situation in Mozambique does not differ much from what is happening in other countries, although each region has its own features”, said Thomas … //

… In Africa alone, 30 million hectares have been grabbed and in Mozambique land grabbing has reached around 10 million hectares. (full text).


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