permanently stop the sale and service of surveillance technology to repressive regimes

pushing for the creation of smart, strong, and enforceable laws – Received by e-mail, From: AccessNow’s Newsletter, via, Date: décembre 5, 2011.

… Companies in this multi-billion dollar industry clearly won’t police themselves and civil society can’t campaign every time this technology is used for human rights abuse. That’s why we need governments to pass robust and enforceable laws to ensure technology is not used to track down activists and suppress freedom of expression online. Since an estimated 80-90% of these technologies are produced by European and U.S. companies, it’s time that Western governments prevent them from exporting equipment used for censoring and spying on innocent citizens. Both the European Union and U.S. Congress must take a stand — but we also need to ensure that any new legislation or regulation gets it right. Add your name to STOP the SALE petition here: access – Stop the sale … Sign the petition.

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