Learning opportunities on children’s rights

Received by e-mail, From: Sandra Quintin, Date: 28/03/2012.

Dear Colleagues, HREA offers several courses for those interested to advance their knowledge and skills to advocate for children’s rights:

  • Rights of the Child – This rapid e-course gives an overview of the institutions and mechanisms that serve to protect, fulfil and promote the rights of children. This self-paced and self-directed course combines text with rich multimedia, including videos and podcasts and takes about three to five hours to complete. Knowledge checks reinforce the information learned. Assignments engage you to solve specific problems and point you to useful resources.   
  • Child Rights Programming (12 September-27 November 2012) – This specialised e-learning course introduces staff members of (international) development agencies and NGOs to child rights programming. The course involves approximately 60 hours of reading, on-line working groups, interaction with students and instructor, webinars and assignments, and is offered over an 11-week period.
  • Monitoring Children’s Rights (25 April-10 July 2012) – This specialised e-learning course is a basic introduction to measuring and monitoring the status of children, including basic health and welfare, education, civil rights and freedoms, and special protection measures. The course involves approximately 60 hours of reading, on-line working groups, assignments, webinars, and interaction among students and the instructor, and is offered over a 11-week period.
  • La Programmation axée sur des droits de l’enfant (30 avril-15 juillet 2012) – Ce cours d’apprentissage à distance présente les droits de l’enfant aux membres d’agences de développement (internationales) et aux ONG. Le cours est constitué d’environ 60 heures de lecture, de travail de groupe interactif, de communication entre étudiants et instructeurs/animateurs et de devoirs et s’étend sur une période de 11 semaines.

For further information about each course, please click on the course link above. For a listing of all upcoming HREA e-learning courses, please visit www.hrea.org/courses.
Best wishes, Sandra Quintin, Distance Learning Programme, HREA.

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