The eternal traveller

Published on The Road to the Horizon, by the blog owner, January 3, 2010.

I would be perfectly OK to sit still, in a room, for days, weeks, probably months in a row. No matter the lack of a TV, radio, Internet. I am perfectly OK to just be by myself, in isolation. And sometimes isolated, I am. At times, in my apartment in Rome, for days I don’t see anyone, don’t speak to anyone, and hardly leave “my cave”.

Then, when I finally come out, it is like the whole world is anew. As if every little thing is just born out of nothing. I can stand still looking at a pine tree, catching details of its branches I have never noticed before. Impressions from the outside world then come rushing in, at an exhilarating pace, and a breathtaking intensity, for me to soak it all in. It is a rush then, after days in my cave, to see get all of the smells and sights coming in, queued up, registered and processed. 

The same goes for travelling. There are times, I feel so tired, just eager for one thing: to let it all go, and lay in the sofa, doing nothing. And then, comes the time, like today, where after one month in Belgium, I need to move on. Initially, I drag my feet. Don’t want to move turf. Hate good-byes. Hate to move. Why should I? “I am perfectly fine here, lea’me alone” …

… Life is an adventure for the eternal traveller. (full text).

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