Proof of Progress

Watch this video, 4.43 min, published on Andrew Cohen Blog, (also on YouTube), May 3, 2012: This past weekend I was interviewed by Nitamo Montecucco for an upcoming documentary called “Global Shift.” The filmmakers allowed us to publish this short clip, during which I share some of the interesting–and inspiring–new information I’ve read recently that supports the view that in spite of all our global problems, things are actually better for more people today than they ever have been …


EnlightenNext magazine: official website; on en.wikipedia; UK

Evolutionary A New Path to Spiritual Awakening;

Being and Becoming Retreat, Tuscany /Italy, Friday 10 August 2012 – Saturday 25 Aug 2012 (more details);

a video: Andrew Cohen on Evolutionary Enlightenment … , 73.40 min;

wikileaks on YouTube (any theme and language);

10 Attempts to Provide Internet Access to Third World Countries, on DSL service, not dated.

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