Index June 2012

2012-06-01: les mutilations génitales féminines / l’excision;
2012-06-01: Missing Out: Some Poles Left Behind Despite Economic Success;
2012-06-02: some links around humanitarian questions;
2012-06-03: Revolutions are not decided by elections;
2012-06-04: The militarisation of poverty in Africa;
2012-06-05: Your brain and the science behind sexuality;
2012-06-06: Sacrificing Mubarak to Save His Regime;
2012-06-07: Quebec’s student uprising: An interview with Amir Khadir;
2012-06-08: The elusive dream: women and sleep;
2012-06-09: Egypt’s revolution: Bread, freedom, social justice and why global solidarity matters;
2012-06-10: Nigeria: How do we make sense of our predicament?
2012-06-11: Egypt: Persisting uncertainty;
2012-06-12: Africa + Europe = Yannick Noah;
2012-06-13: Making Work Pay;
2012-06-14: Hubris as the Evil Force in History;
2012-06-15: Justice on the rocks: The demise of the people’s court;
2012-06-16: Soy farming and land grab in the Brazilian Amazon – The Water Channel;
2012-06-17: New film sows seeds of freedom;
2012-06-18: Complicit neighbours: Rwanda, Uganda and East DRC;
2012-06-19: Assad Will Breathe A Sigh Of Relief At Death Of Arab Spring;
2012-06-20: Women and property: some insights from African history;
2012-06-21: World Day Against Child Labour;
2012-06-22: In the Name of Allah: Islamic Mediators and Germany’s Two Legal Systems – part 1;
2012-06-23: Hit Squads in the Amazon;
2012-06-24: The revolution and the emancipation of women;
2012-06-25: Ban FGM Campaign;
2012-06-25: histoire cachée du peuple Africain;
2012-06-26: Rodney and the concept of labour;
2012-06-27: Empire, Language, Economy and Syria;
2012-06-28: Third International Conference on Human Rights Education;
2012-06-28: Europe: Child circumcision ‘an assault,’ says court;
2012-06-29: At the Crossroads of the Most Serious Economic Crisis In World History;
2012-06-30: The Attraction of Tax Breaks: Switzerland Grows into Global Commodities Hub.

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