Soy farming and land grab in the Brazilian Amazon – The Water Channel

Watch this video, 11.36 min, published on Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab, by Abraham Abhishek, June 13, 2012: Large-scale soy monoculture is expanding rapidly in Latin America. Boosted by investment from multi-national corporations, it has moved well beyond the southern states and into the Amazon area. A majority of those dependent on land in the region are forest dwellers and small farmers. Their land rights insufficiently documented. At the same time, a large number of cases have been reported wherein agro-businesses, large farmers and government striking dubious land deals which take land, livelihood and food security away from the poor.  

In this interview, Dr. Sergio Sauer (National Rapporteur for Human Rights in Land, Territory and Food, Brazil) explains the politics and business of such land grabs … (full text).


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