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Africa Matters is a blog that follows the news and offers analysis of African affairs. Our aim is to delve deeper into the issues of African politics and development. We don’t presume to be experts, and we don’t presume to have all the answers—we are just trying to ask the right questions.

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What: Welcome to Africa Matters – Last August The New York Times Magazine ran a cover story on the recent wave of Western fascination with the world’s poorest continent—Africa has always been hot, but apparently now it’s trendy too. But, for all this newfound interest, Western perspectives on Africa tend to remain one-dimensional.

Throughout the month of August, for instance, The Times ran three articles and five teasers on its front page having to do with Africa; none was positive. Africa, it seems, has an image problem … (full text);

Who: New contributors – Some days ago, three new names appeared under the ‘Contributors’ heading just to the right of here. And you may have even noticed unfamiliar bylines turning up beneath some recent posts. Today, though, we’d like to officially welcome the three new contributors to Africa Matters. Please allow us to introduce Julia, Lawrence, and Shelby:

Shelby is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. She has been in Liberia for six months working with an international human rights organization. Prior to this she worked with a Nigerian human rights organization in Abuja, following activities of the Nigerian legislature. Shelby enjoys fried plantains, Liberian English, and third-hand copies of The New Yorker that occasionally find their way into her hands … (full text);

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