Index July 2012

2012-07-01: HAITI: Humanitarian Aid for Earthquake Victims Used to Build Five Star Hotels;
2012-07-01: ATTAC Info-Bulletin vom 25. Juni 2012;
2012-07-02: Vanderbilts prescription for health care equality;
2012-07-02: En Suisse, elle donne une voix à sa douleur;
2012-07-02: halte aux MGF – more links;
2012-07-03: Raising children at a critical time;
2012-07-04: Power to the People, but not all of them;
2012-07-05: In Health Ruling, Relief for Obama but a Blow to Conventional Wisdom;
2012-07-06: BABSEA CLE seeking volunteer law school clinicians;
2012-07-07: Rwanda: No justice without reparation;
2012-07-08: Up and Coming in Kampala: Africa’s Growing Middle Class Drives Development;
2012-07-09: glaciers / gletscher = beauty and power of the nature;
2012-07-09: New claims of rights abuses in World Bank-funded land grabs;
2012-07-10: Growing Africa’s land;
2012-07-11: Thoughts for independent Algeria’s 50th birthday;
2012-07-11: Fribourg: Condamnation d’une Somalienne pour avoir exposé sa demi-sœur à l’excision;
2012-07-12: Pregnancy and childbirth: It’s a woman’s right to choose;
2012-07-13: Groundbreaking Report on Zoonotic Diseases and Poverty;
2012-07-14: Sustainable Land Management Specialist Chris Reij Discusses Re-Greening In Africa;
2012-07-15: Governments Exist to Further the Interests of Favored Groups;
2012-07-16: Asset holes: US ‘leadership’ in money, credit, CAFR surplus trillions;
2012-07-17: Academia as a site of class struggle;
2012-07-18: Flamenco out of India with Anoushka and Ravi Shankar;
2012-07-18: Les femmes les plus puissantes d’Afrique: Classement des cinq femmes africaines;
2012-07-19: Dances;
2012-07-19: Training on Understanding Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
2012-07-20: 10 things about African women’s leadership;
2012-07-20: Mutilations Génitales Féminines MGF;
2012-07-21: Blood antiquities in respectable havens;
2012-07-22: NGOs to set up task force for RTE complaints;
2012-07-23: FGM – MGF in the media;
2012-07-24: Internal security officer named in Uganda land dispute;
2012-07-25: Vinay Venkatraman: Technology crafts for the digitally underserved;
2012-07-26: A Possible Strategy for Organized Labor;
2012-07-27: a website fulll of splendid pictures;
2012-07-28: Freedom is slavery, popular support is authoritarianism;
2012-07-29: Learning opportunities on children’s rights;
2012-07-30: Initiative Integritas;
2012-07-31: Yanni in music.

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